Adobe youth voice mentoring

About  two months ago as an Adobe Youth Educator I was thrilled by how creative young people can be when given the right tools. I was  mentoring a group of 15 students using the Adobe Methodology of creating with a purpose.

Four groups were formed, And the following challenges were discussed and worked on as regards culture challeges.

“You Can achieve that dream”
Many young people find themselves with HIV/AIDS due to the wrong decisions they have made in life.
Many end up giving up on their dreams. In this media Jacquelyne Mugenyi shares how she has been able
to achive her life purpose despite her being a young positive. She encourages young positive that they can make it.
Why Decide for me?
Many young people find themselves at crossroads where their lives have been influenced by their parents decisions.
This media shows impact of such decision and encourages young people to stand firm and follow their heart desires.
Circumcision among Bagishu
This media shows challeges faced by young people in regard to the culture beliefs related with circumcision as a transition from childhood to manhood.
Forced Married among Karamajong
This media heights challeges faced by young girls that are forced into marriage due to their cultural beliefs.



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