Make some money as a blogger


Want to make money as a Blogger? – Here is how!

I am a blogger. I love to write and connect with people in a more personal way; which is why I blog. I am not good at it: but I am willing to learn. Creating a brand is one thing that we writers and bloggers seldom think about. But it is  important. In this day and age where New Media consumers are on the rise, one needs to create a Brand that they are loyal to, but also one that will help identify them.

I came across interesting notes by Dan Cristo on why Bloggers are broke and I thought that they would be insightful for all of us.


So allow me to share Dan Cristo’s thoughts.



Marketing. Most bloggers lack basic marketing skills (Sorry, guys, but it’s true). They’ve never built a real brand, brought a product to market, or studied the mind of a consumer.  They’ve got a blog, but it isn’t making money, and now you know why. Now here’s what you can do…

Build Your Brand

Your brand is your identity. It has little to do with how capable you or your company is, and everything to do with the feeling people get when they identify you.

Take any popular musician or actor. There are thousands of kids out there with more talent than Justin Bieber, yet Justin broke through. Why? Because when teenage girls recognize Justin, they feel something. They can’t explain exactly what it is or why it’s there, they just know they’ve got BiebaFeva, and they don’t want it to stop. They’re compelled to run out and buy his music, watch his videos, go to his movies and worship him on Twitter.

The Key Is Association

I don’t buy Apple’s products because they provide the best value; I buy them because of how they make me feel. They are cool, prestigious, attractive, rebellious and fun. Not the products themselves really, but the brand that embodies the products. Through years of carefully planned advertising, product placements and packaging Apple has successfully associated their products with those feel-good attributes. When I use a Mac I feel great, and I really like feeling great.

Coke is another great example. Have you ever noticed how Coke never talks about the actual product in their commercials? They always show people enjoying life while using their product, but you never hear the voice over actually talk about the soft drink itself.

I can see it now… A young couple on roller-skates swinging in circles on a sunny day in the park enjoying a Coke. Lively music hints at a party getting started as friends dance into the scene. The 30 second spot ends with a close up of an attractive girl smiling, then a quick flash of the Coke logo against an black background. 28 seconds of positive, feel good emotions are now firmly associated with Coke’s trademark logo. Believe me, when you see that logo on store shelves, you’re going to subconsciously feel good, and now you know why.

Enter Their Soul

Don’t just understand what your customers are thinking… Enter their soul and understand what they are feeling. When we considered what the Triberr brand should be we asked ourselves, “What do bloggers want to feel more than anything else?” The answer was “power”. Bloggers get the raw end of the deal over and over.

  • Their hard work is ignored by media outlets.
  • Spammers take advantage of them, plastering their commenting systems with links while hackers inject malware into their site.
  • Companies don’t respect them, offering them coupons and samples in a sneaky way of getting free product promotion without paying like they would any other advertiser.
  • Even search engines make BILLIONS off of blogger’s content, but couldn’t care less if an algorithm update wipes a few thousand blogs off the face of the earth.

Bloggers need a source of power. Someone to help them say, “You know what, you’re not worthless. What you’re doing does matter. You don’t need to fear spammers. You don’t need to bow to Google. You don’t need to pimp your blog out for last year’s samples. Your blog CAN earn money, it CAN be successful, and it CAN change the world.” That’s not just ad copy; it’s Triberr’s mission statement almost word for word.

Everything we do at Triberr is built around empowering the blogger. It’s core to our company, and it’s made all the difference in our brand. When we launch new products, sell our gear, or hold a seminar, our members buy, wear and show up in huge numbers. They support us because we help them feel strong, confident and successful. It’s not about manipulation; it’s about aligning our values with their needs, and communicating that to all who will listen.


It’s how Justin became a celeb, how Coke beat Pepsi, and it’s why bloggers are broke, but it doesn’t have to stay that way.

Your Turn

Who are your customers? What do they want to feel? How closely is your brand aligned?



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