DOT – Digital Opportunity Trust is launched in Uganda.


Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT), an international information technology firm has today (Oct. 3) launched its activities in Uganda which will see majority of the rural communities helped to access and use information technology facilities.

According to the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC), the country has over five million internet users. The U.N.’s International Telecommunication Union (ITU) says over 12.5% of Ugandans were using the internet in 2010, compared to neighbors Kenya and Tanzania at 25.9 and 11% respectively.

Speaking at the launch of the company’s activities at the National Information Technology Authority Uganda head offices in Kampala Tony Vetter, the company’s senior director operations said they will soon recruit young graduates from all the higher institutions of learning in Uganda to spearhead the company’s activities.

(They [graduates] will be trained to become leaders of change in their communities,” he said, adding they will introduce the importance of the internet and basic computing to everyday economic and social life.

Vetter said the training will include elements like personal awareness and confidence building, effective communications, critical thinking, action research, project management among others.

He added the company has put aside over $10million to fund the program across the East African region.

Stella Alibateese, director legal services at NITA-U welcomed the company and promised that government through The National Data Transmission Backbone Infrastructure (which involves connecting all major towns across the country to the internet) will support the company’s activities since information technology is the way to go for any country in the world.

Information technologies can be applied in various socio-economic activities like agriculture, education, health, trade and commerce among others to achieve economic growth and development.

DOT is headquartered in Canada but has operations in most countries across the world.


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